HCGA Holistic CareEsteemed Members of HCGA are dedicated to providing holistic care for cats utilizing a mind-body-spirit philosophy to create positive grooming experiences. HCGA members are committed to upholding the following standards. To join HCGA, complete this application.


  1. The well-being of each cat is the utmost priority. Humane care demands careful consideration of compassionately acceptable practices.

  2. Make every attempt to understand experiences through the individual cat’s viewpoint and adjust practices to promote comfort and security for each cat at all times.

  3. Commit to the use of compassionate techniques, while striving for cooperation on reasonable terms, from each cat. Encourage through physical rewards of touch, food, and/or play.

  4. Astute attention given to the appropriate interpretation of each cat’s natural communication skills. Respond with gentle actions designed to calm.

  5. Demonstrate respect for each cat’s intelligence, innate tendencies, physical and mental limitations, lifestyle, and history. Gather background information and update details during subsequent visits. These include each cat’s current and past status; both medically and through guardian observation.

  6. Share details with clients about each cat’s experience during grooming. When relevant, follow-up to inquire about behavior and offer additional suggestions.

  7. Consider successful those encounters which elicit positive connections. A bond of trust between cats and their groomers is necessary for the ultimate achievement as a professional holistic cat groomer.

  8. Practice safety for the cat and oneself by using products known & documented to be non-toxic to felines. Challenge manufacturers to create truly safe, effective products and request full ingredient disclosure from them.

  9. Refuse to condone, endorse, or encourage any cruel physical or mental treatment toward a cat by anyone, whether in a professional or individual capacity.

  10. Recognize our clients are ultimately responsible for the decisions regarding their cats. Offer options, the reasons for a preferred treatment, and mutually determine a plan of action that best serves each cat’s unique needs.

  11. Understand a holistic cat groomer’s personal and professional limitations are justification for refusal of service. Offer recommendations for the client about how to proceed. Seek out the knowledge required for future opportunities.

  12. Represent oneself as a professional in good standing within the pet industry through the use of respect and compassion toward colleagues and peers. Encourage ongoing dialogue and collaboration in an open, non-aggressive manner and welcome others who are aligned with our vision of holistic care. Help those developing skills by the demonstration of effective, proven methods.